Gumis & Co Ltd.®,  dealer in Gubabi Safes & Fire Proof Filling Safe, fire extinguisher, security metal detector, scanner, electronic booths, counting machine, etc is proudly a Nigerian, family owned company. We offer you lifelong satisfaction and we are proud of strong preservation.

We are the largest suppliers of Fireproof Safes, deposit safe, Fireproof Filling Safes and Anti-Robbery burglary Safe, fire extinguisher, etc in Nigeria.

The company has been committed to loss prevention since its inception. We have grown to become the premier security and loss prevention company in Nigeria. Our main objective is to help prevent loss of valuables to our numerous clients through superior quality and modern Burglary/Fire Resistant Safes and Filing safes.

The growth of the Financial Industry and Government Institutions in Nigeria has led to various expansions within the company. The demand for new and reliable security equipment grew with the increasing wealth and expansion of the Banking sector as well as the growing wealth of the population.

Gumis products have stood up to fires, burglaries and break-ins. And just as important, they’ve stood up to the test of time. All States and Federal Governments and many of Nigeria’s leading national companies also use Gumis products.

Service is not just a word; it’s a concept of teamwork – pulling sales, technicians and specialists together to give you the industry’s best service. Our qualified technicians will diagnose your safe’s problem promptly and effectively give you a satisfactory solution.

We are competitively priced, and the quality of our products including the level of service we offer is unequal to other competitors. We will never compromise on the quality of our product and workmanship and will always install secure equipment. Services we offer include cleaning, maintaining and repairing of safes / fireproof filling safes of various categories.


General Business Activities: 

 Gumis & Co Ltd is considered as one of the leading suppliers of Burglary, Fireproof and Filling Safe products  across the nation. We have been committed to loss prevention since our inception and we supply reliable security equipment to national companies, financial sectors, government departments and individuals. Our company also undertakes maintenance duties and provide services tailored to each customer.

  Company Strategy

  • Vision:

To provide quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers. To build a reputable company and develop long term relationships with our customers and clients.

  • Mission statement:

To provide reliable products that will protect valuables from fire, theft and water damages.

  • Core values:

We believe in preventing loss of valuables by providing superior quality products, treating our customers with respect and delivering outstanding customer service. • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation, while integrating honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business.

  • Purpose:

To be a leader in the Burglary, Fireproof and Filling Safe industry by providing enhanced services, building personal relationships and delivering products that are dependable.

  • Goals:

We aim to expand nationally in the security industry and develop a strong base of key customers. • Building a great brand name to be an influential key player in the industry.• To grow the company by Increasing assets and investments through innovation and advanced technology.