Why should I bother buying a security safe? This is a common question that many of us may ask. Some people state that the area they live in is quite safe and therefore, there is no need to install a security safe in their house. Some people also feel that they don’t have much to safeguard to begin with. This is not entirely true. Theft and calamities do not come with a warning and once you lose something is when you realize how important it was. Safes are classified into fireproof safe, antitheft safe, and fireproof and antitheft safe. Examples of Things that can be stored in a safe

  1. Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates (including family historical documents), Service Records.
  2. International Passports
  3. Real Estate Planning Documents (such as property titles and deeds, make sure your lawyer has a copy as well)
  4. Original Insurance Policy Documents (such as Life, Car, House and Property)
  5. Education Documents (undergraduate and postgraduate degree, professional qualifications and licenses)
  6. Valuables: Jewelry, Cash, and Collectible Items.
  7. Spare Keys to all vehicles.
  8. Important Papers Related to Investments, Retirement Plans, Bank Accounts, and Associated Contact Information. Such as Pension Fund Documents, Certificates of Deposits, Savings Bond,
  9. Shares and Stocks Certificates, Contracts.
  10. Information on your outstanding debts, leases, due dates and contact information
  11. Company and Individual Tax Returns
  12. Health Records: Immunization, Surgeries, A list of family Doctors, prescription medication and contact information for all pharmacies you use
  13. Copies of your legal documents, including power of attorney, living wills, health care proxies Bank Safety Deposit Box Key
  14. Copy of family wills and testament and all wills in which you are designated to execute
  15. CD’s or external hard drive/disk containing digital copies of all family photos
  16. Receipts of Expensive Items
Advantages of security safes

There are several advantages of installing a security safe. Let us learn about them:

  1.  A security safe will prevent another person from reaching your valuables and stealing them.
  2. Safeguard against fire – In case of the unfortunate event where the premises suffer fire, all valuables inside the security safe will be saved from getting destroyed.
  3. Safeguard against misuse – Those who own guns can ensure that their weapons are not misused or exposed to children, which can happen quite easily if the weapons are not put in a safe.
  4. Safeguard against water – A good safe also offers protection to your valuables during flooding and other similar water-related catastrophes.
  5. Safeguard against loss. Another huge benefit of installing a security safe is having a proper place to put all your valuables and therefore, minimizing the risk of misplacing or losing them.
  6. Buying Security Safes from Gumis & Co. Ltd
  • Tested and approved for fire resistance by JIS, KSG and SP up to 120mins, including the 12 foot drop test simulating a floor collapse.
  • Formed electrically welded doors
  • Highly durable gloss Hammertone finish
  • Up to 6, ¾” live locking bolts
  • Dual spring loaded relockers for additional security in most units
  • Interlocking bolts behind the door on the hinge side to prevent pry bar attack.

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