Servicing for your safe

High Quality Service is recognized as a significant part of the overall value chain of Gumis & Co. Ltd. We pride ourselves with the level of our service delivery, especially with regards to providing high quality and effective after sales service to our clients. Gumis & Co. Ltd currently offers two different servicing options to our customers: –


  • Contract – Comprehensive Maintenance
  • On-Call Basis

Our effective service is immediately delivered once any complaint or request is received. We ensure that our customers are not deprived of the service that they deserve. With our established service values, we strive to meet the following objectives: –


  • Minimum Response Time
  • Minimum Transport Charges

To ensure our continued quality service delivery, our operations are updated with the latest information and communication technologies. On top of this, technical training is conducted on a periodic basis. Our services are in three broad categories:


  • Locksmith Services
  • Reconditioning Services
  • Transportation Services

Locksmith Services

The following services are available:


  • We open any locked safes or strong rooms.
  • We repair and/or reinstate safes.
  • We change locks or fit additional locks.
  • We undertake any other services that has to do with the installation and servicing of safe lock mechanisms.



  • We will collect and recondition safes for you.

Transport Services
Gubabi & Co. Ltd., are experts in the installation, removal and transportation of safe and other electronic security gadgets. Whether you are moving office or just moving safes, we have the solution. Our specialized Crane Trucks provide an economical answer whether we are delivering a small domestic safe or demountable vault. The vehicles do not display our logos, so will not advertise your security arrangements. The following services can be supplied.


  • Delivery of safes and vaults
  • Securing to the floor or wall
  • Cranage through windows, over roofs, to basements etc
  • Transportation including via stairs, by hand or robot
  • Storage

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