All safes have some measures of fire and burglary resistant functions. However, safes are broadly classified into two categories:

  • Fire Resistant Safes
  • Burglary/Fire Resistant Safes


Fire Resistant safes are made to resist fire for a given period of time at stipulated temperatures. The period of fire resistance may be one-hour, two-hours or three hours at temperatures that may be as high as 1010°C (1850°F).

Features of Fire Resistant Safes include:

  • Ultra-Micro foamed concrete is inserted to provide the maximum fire protection.
  • The bolts are made of solid steel bar for locking all other four sides of the safe. The number of bolts varies according to the size and model.
  • They are specially shaped with deeper designed door for better fire resistance.
  • All models have rollers for easy transfer but the roller can be removed at the final point in order to boost the weight.
  • There are considerable more rooms in the safe with adjustable shelves that provide for more convenience.
  • Fire resistance safes are designed with large inside space to secure and store documents and other valuables, which may require large storage rooms.


These safes apart from fire functions are designed to protect against various methods of attack by Burglars. Burglary functions depend on the resistant time against burglary attacks which vary from the tools used for the attack, number of burglars, techniques to surrounding circumstances. The best burglary safe resists for a long time against powerful attacks by burglars.

Features of Burglary/Fire Resistant Safes include:

  • They are designed to secure and store items against fire and burglary.
  • They have special alloy to protect the safes from the ever increasing touching and large tools attacks. The alloy resist very strongly against cuttings by torch and powerful tools.
  • They have additional protection with automatic re-locking and re-setting bolts.
  • When lock mechanism is tampered with, the glass trigger attached to the inside door shatters and releases several several re-lock making it impossible for the attacker to gain access.
  • Equipped with U.L. listed Sergent and Green leaves 7 Lever Double Bit Key lock.
  • Equipped with inner core of door and body composed of touch drill and flame resistant alloy material and thick steel plates welded together surround the inner core on all six sides.
  • Equipped with special “BUMIL’ alloy which no Oxyacetylene torch at the highest degree can penetrate.
    • High speed or strong chip drilling is useless against special ‘BUMIL’ alloy.

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